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Student Support

Student Support

The Core teacher is a key person in our school in developing a three way partnership with students and their parents/carers.  This initiative enables us to provide the maximum support to students.

In addition, student support leaders and the Assistant Principal play important roles together with the social worker, guidance officer and chaplain.

Positive Behaviour Support

A major priority for Deloraine High is Student Support. Student Support encompasses many things including learning support, assistance with developmental issues and behaviour management.

Our behaviour management processes here at school are based on the principles of Positive Behaviour Support.   Input from parents, students and staff was used to develop a set of expectations that form the basis for working with students.

These expectations are simple and easy to understand.
·         Be Safe
·         Be Respectful
·         Be Involved
The 3Bs have a positive focus and form the basis of classroom expectations. For example, the Be Safe expectation will mean different things in the Dance/Drama room than it will in the Automotive workshop. Starting early in the year, all classes will work with their Core teacher to develop their own classroom expectations based on the 3Bs.
We want students to be engaged, challenged and happy at school. The focus will be on encouraging students and rewarding them when they meet these expectations.
Restorative Practice principles will be used to resolve issues if they occur.
The staff is committed to ensuring that student learning is not interrupted.
We say “no” to bullying at Deloraine High.  It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure this happens.
We have an anti-bullying strategy at our school to support students.  Staff have been trained in its application.  Data shows great decreases in instances of bullying.
Further details are available from the school.