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 Teaching, Learning and Curriculum


Teaching and Learning Model Grades 7-10

The school has created a Strategic Plan (2013-16) and an annual Operational Plan (available from the school).  These contain the two priorities of Curriculum (including assessment and reporting) and Student Support (including behaviour management) together with a strategy for bringing about improvements in these two areas.

Our work has led to an innovative teaching and learning model focussed on improving student outcomes.  Some features are listed below.


* Three (3) block school day with each block lasting 100 minutes.

* Students spending a large amount of time in one room.  They  'own' this room and the use of it by others is


* Each student has a Core teacher who teaches them for a large amount of time.  This teacher will 

  develop  develop contact with home.

* Computers in students' classrooms.

* Students  keep books and bags in their Core teaching rooms.

* The curriculum  is divided into three sections -

          1/  Core (9 blocks per week) including: 

              English - literacy, Maths - numeracy, Science, Geography and

              History together with pastoral issues, pathway planning and

              community involvement.

          2/ Health and Physical Education (2 blocks per week).

          3/ Personal Learning - options (4 blocks per week).

          Thinking and the use of digital technologies are integrated into all areas.


* Teachers working in teams to plan programs for students. A meeting roster is used to

   support teachers. Students continue to have teachers who are highly qualified in their

   area of teaching.

* Class groups which are mixed ability.

* A leadership structure where staff have roles to support student learning.

* Professional learning for staff including working with other successful schools.

* Student expectations based on the 3 B’s, Be Safe, Be Involved and Be Respectful.

* Compulsory subjects in Grades 7-10 – Maths, English, Science, History, Geography and Health

   and Physical Education.

* Additional compulsory subjects in Grade 7 – Art, Music, Drama, Food/Textiles, Design

   Technology and Science Investigations. 

* Optional subjects in Grades 7-10 – Art, Music, Drama,  Foods, Design Technology,

    Computer  Applications, Languages, Advanced Maths, Extended Maths, Automotive

    Studies, Child Studies, Photography, Sport and Recreation, Business Studies and Agricultural Studies.

* In addition to this, students are supported by online learning in areas such as Creative



Extra Opportunities for students
Students have a number of extra opportunities including involvement in the Northern High Schools Sports Roster (football, netball, hockey and soccer), school basketball roster, music competitions, Deloraine Drama Festival and camps.
Career Planning
Career Education and future pathways are discussed throughout the time students are at this school.
In Grade 10, our Pathway Planning Officer works with all students on an individual basis to develop a plan for their education beyond Grade 10.
All students are encouraged to spend time learning at home.  Students should ideally have a quiet space in which to work.  In some areas homework will be set regularly and students need to ensure that they complete these tasks.  There will also be projects and assignments to work on and students will achieve at a higher level if they spend time on these at home.  It is clear that time spent reading is also very beneficial for all students.