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 Deloraine High School Uniform


Why do we have a uniform?
Deloraine High School values the wearing of school uniform because it:
  1. Contributes to the regulation of student conduct.
  2. Helps students focus on their learning.
  3. Prepares students for adult life.
  4. Eliminates competition between students concerning fashion.
  5. Is cost effective and convenient.
  6. Presents a good image for the school.
  7. Easily identifies students from our school. This contributes to a safe environment.

* Blue polo top or button up shirt
* Grey shorts
* Grey trousers
* Navy trackpants
* School rugby jumper
* School knitted navy jumper
* School spray jacket
* School sherpa lined jacket (optional)
* Blue polo top or button up shirt
* Navy trackpants
* Tartan skirt
* School summer dress
* School rugby jumper
* School knitted navy jumper
* School spray jacket
* School sherpa lined jacket (optional)
* Plain navy or black stockings
* Ankle length white socks
Points to note:
        i.                  Items marked * are available from the uniform shop through the school office. The Uniform shop is open during normal school office hours -           8 am - 4 pm
      ii.                  It is recommended that students wear hats when outside. Broad brimmed hats are recommended.
    iii.                  Items of uniform purchased from the school satisfy our requirements. If purchasing items from elsewhere parents are advised to check with the school first to ensure items are acceptable.
    iv.                  Students will need to be in correct uniform to participate in some events including excursions out of the school (unless particular clothing is required such as for outdoor activities), public events      and assemblies. Students who are not able to participate in these events will be provided with an alternate program.
      v.                  Special extra activities will be offered to students from time to time. To be eligible students must be satisfactorily completing class requirements, show appropriate behaviour and consistently be wearing correct uniform. Examples include extra music, term 2 sport and work experience.
    vi.                  Parents/guardians requiring assistance in purchasing clothing are invited to contact the school so that arrangements can be made.
  vii.                  The following are not part of our uniform.
·         Blue jeans/shorts
·         Stonewash trousers/shorts
·         Items of clothing with extras e.g. logos, stripes pinstripes, brand names. The items sold by the school define the standard expected.
·         Undergarments which are visible e.g. t-shirts, lace tops, long sleeved tops.
·         Hooded tops (or similar) are not allowed at school for a number of reasons including health and safety issues (including identification) and due to disruption to the teaching and learning program.
·         Black school shoes are preferred. Open toe shoes with no back or “ugg boots” (or similar) are unacceptable for health and safety reasons. Socks or stockings need to be worn.
·         Fish net stockings are not acceptable.
viii.                  Students who do not comply with the uniform requirements will be dealt with on a case by case basis. The school reserves the right to impose consequences.