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Information & Communication Technology

Use of Technology and Personal Devices

Students and parents/carers are required to sign a Technology Agreement before students are able to use school technology in class as part of their learning. Some details are given below. These are subject to change as review and evaluation occur in the school.

Each student will be allocated a laptop and charger (labelled with their name) and these will follow the student through until the end of Grade 10.  The laptops will remain the property of Deloraine High School.  Students are allowed to take their laptops home but are responsible for making sure it returns to school every day fully charged and ready for learning.  They are also responsible for any damage that occurs to the laptop and will be required to sign a Laptop User Agreement prior to taking the laptop home.

Students, with teacher permission, will be able to connect their devices to the school Wi-Fi.  Teachers will determine when the use of technology is appropriate in their classroom.

It will be the student’s responsibility to take care of the laptops and if any intentional damage is done, then parents/carers will be asked to pay for the cost of repairs.

A Laptop User Agreement will be included in our back-to-school package.  This document is to be signed by both students and parent/carer annually.

If used inappropriately students risk not being able to use their device. This may include leaving it at the main office to be collected after school by themselves or a parent, or not being able to have a personal device at school at all.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones have been banned in all Tasmanian Government Schools in a bid to reduce distraction in the classroom and encourage greater student interaction in the schoolyard.  All students are required to have their phones “off and away all day”. 

If students need to bring their phones to school, they may leave them at the main office of a morning and pick them up after school.

In the case of an emergency, parents may contact the school office who will communicate messages to students.

If a student is seen with a phone for any reason, the teacher will confiscate it and the parent/carer will have to collect the phone from the school office.


The eSafety Commissioner Website has information about how to stay safe online, details on the latest games, apps and social media, including how to protect your information and report inappropriate content.  Click on the following link for up-to-date information:  E-Safety