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Parent / Carer Involvement

Will I get reports?
We like to let you know how you are going with your studies.  One of the ways we do this is to send written reports home.  You will get three written reports each year. The first will be a progress report around Easter time which will be sent home.  A full written report will be available in late July/early August.  Parents discuss and collect this report.  A final summary report will be sent home shortly before the end of the year.
Parents can contact us at any time to find out how you are progressing and we would like them to do so.  If you or your parents would like more frequent reports, we can arrange this on request.
Parent/Carer Teacher meetings
Formal parent/carer teacher interviews are held in late July/early August involving students, parents/carers and Core teachers.
If parents/carers wish to see a teacher at any time, appointments can be made by contacting our school office.
Parent/Carer Involvement
We would like parents/carers to be involved in our school as much as possible.   Some ways parents are involved in our school are outlined below.

School Association
Our School Association is made up of elected members from parents/carers, the Deloraine community, staff and students.  Our Association meets every month and approves all school policies, the annual school plan and budget.
Canteen Volunteer
We value this contribution – our canteen cannot operate without volunteer support.  Please phone 6362 8900 to volunteer or for more information.
Opportunities exist in various sporting areas for parents/carers to contribute to coaching or organization.