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Student Information

Student Support

A major priority for Deloraine High is Student Support. This encompasses many things including learning support, assistance with developmental issues and behaviour management.

Our behaviour management processes here at school are based on the principles of Positive Behaviour Support. Input from parents, students and teachers was used to develop a set of expectations that form the basis for working with students.

These expectations are simple and easy to understand.

  • Be Safe
  • Be Respectful
  • Be Involved

The 3Bs have a positive focus and they form the basis of classroom expectations. For example, the Be Safe expectation will mean different things in the Dance/Drama room than it will in the Automotive workshop. Starting early in the year, all classes will work with their teachers to develop their own classroom expectations based on the 3Bs.

We want students to be engaged, challenged and happy at school. The focus is on encouraging students and rewarding them when they meet these expectations.

Restorative Practice principles are used to resolve issues if they occur.

School Social Worker

Deloraine High School has access to a School Social Worker two days a week.  Students within our school have diverse abilities and needs. School social work is driven by a deep belief that every person has the right to positive and successful learning experiences.

School Social workers facilitate students’ access to support and resources. They work at the interface between the student, school organisation and curriculum, peers, family, neighbourhood and wider society to promote participation and achievement.

School Social workers have professional skills and knowledge in many areas including:

  • Emergency financial assistance
  • Personal safety and wellbeing
  • Mental Health: depression, anxiety
  • Conflict resolution and restorative justice
  • Attendance and retention
  • Relationships, Grief and loss
  • Sexuality and  Sexual Health
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Critical Incidents
  • Counselling

School Psychologist

Deloraine High School has a School Psychologist one day per week.

School psychologists provide interventions for learning, engagement and positive student outcomes. School psychologists are experts in mental health and learning in schools.

They provide services including:

  • Counselling, therapy and programs for students.
  • Assessments of developmental, cognitive and educational functioning to assist learning plans and educational adjustments for students.
  • Consultation and collaboration with schools, staff, parents and other professionals and organisations.
  • Promotion of the Department’s values of Equity and Excellence through building capacity in our schools through professional learning.
  • Leadership, advice and support in response to crises and critical incidents that impact upon students, families and school communities.
  • Creation of Respectful and Collaborative Relationships within school communities.
  • Identification of needs and program development for assisting school improvement and wellbeing in schools and across the Learning Service. 

School Nurse

Deloraine High School has a School Nurse on site one day every week. 

School health nurses work collaboratively with the support teams of both primary and secondary schools and the Tasmanian Health Service.

School health nurses support schools to create a physical and social environment that promotes health and wellbeing, and assists to improve the health and education outcomes for children and young people in Tasmania.

The focus for Secondary Schools:

  • Promotion of good health and wellbeing.
  • Targeted vision and hearing checks.
  • Local, state and national health promotion initiatives.
  • Health education aligned with the Australian Curriculum including sexual health and healthy relationships, addictions and risk behaviours including drug and alcohol, resilience and mental health, body esteem, physical activity and nutrition.
  • Positive parenting for teenagers with babies.
  • Assisting schools with the management of complex medical conditions.
  • Addressing any medical issues that may be impacting learning.
  • Drop in clinics for students to empower their health choices.

School Chaplain

Deloraine High School is part of the National School Chaplaincy Program and has a Chaplain on site. School chaplains support the emotional wellbeing of students by providing pastoral care services and strategies that support the emotional wellbeing of the broader school community.

Some of the things chaplains do include:

  • Providing students and families with support and referrals in times of crisis
  • Assist with the running of breakfast clubs
  • Developing leadership and support programs for students
  • Participating in school activities such as sport, camps and gardens.

Chaplains do not talk to students about religion, unless the student requests them to.

Fortnightly Newsletter

Deloraine High School provides a newsletter each fortnight in an electronic format. This improves our communication both within the school and the community in a way that is environmentally friendly and interactive.

The newsletter is distributed through the "School Stream" App which can be downloaded from the App Store.  If you don't have access to an electronic device to access the newsletter, a paper copy can be provided.  Please contact the office to arrange this.  A copy can also be accessed through our Website.

Where will I keep my things?

Books and bags can be kept in Core teaching rooms.  Students should not bring valuables to school unless they are needed for classes in which case they can be left at the main office. Valuables (eg money, mobile phones, ipods, electronic devices, USBs) should not be left in bags or classrooms.

Note for Parents/Carers; Any student with issues concerning their belongings is asked to talk to their Core teacher.

What happens if I catch a school bus?

If you are travelling home by bus, you should line up near our school hall at the end of the day and wait to be asked to move to your bus.  This is to ensure the safety of all students. Any problems with the buses should first be discussed with the driver, as bus travel to and from school is not part of our school’s responsibility.  If it is a wet day, you should assemble in your bus line in our hall at the end of the day.

What about bullying?

We say “No” to bullying at Deloraine High.  It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure this happens.  If you are bullied or see someone being bullied please report it to your class teacher, duty teacher or Core teacher.

We have an anti-bullying strategy at our school to support students.  Staff have been trained in its application.

Note for Parents/Carers; If your child comes home with information regarding a bullying incident or has experienced some form of bullying, please contact the relevant Core teacher.


All students are encouraged to spend time learning at home.  Students should ideally have a quiet space in which to work.  In some areas homework will be set regularly and students need to ensure that they complete those tasks.  There will also be projects and assignments to work on and students will achieve at a higher level if they spend time on these at home.  It is clear that time spent reading is also beneficial for all students.

Note for Parents/Carers; Students are strongly encouraged to develop positive study habits balanced with sport, social and relaxation activities.  Parents/Carers with any queries or concerns regarding homework are asked to contact their child’s Core teacher in the first instance.

What if I have trouble with my learning?

Your teachers will be happy to help you when you have trouble understanding anything but you need to ask for assistance if this happens.

What do I do if I am absent?

It is important that you attend school every day.  If you are absent for any reason please bring a note to your Core teacher in your communication book, explaining why you have been away.  If your parent or carer has phoned our school to let us know why you are absent you don't need to bring a note.  The School Stream App has an Absentee Form on it which you may use to inform the school of an absent student.

What if I’m late for school?

If you arrive at school after 8.55am, please go to our school office and sign your name in the ‘Late Book’.  Our office will issue you with a ‘Late’ form which is then signed by your teacher and taken home for a parent/carer to sign and returned to the office.

Note for Parents/Carers; Parents/Carers are expected to explain the lateness eg. note or phone call to the school.

What happens if I feel sick or get hurt?

If you feel sick while you are at school or are injured in any way, please go to our school office.  Someone there will make sure you are looked after.  If you have to take medication while you are at school, please inform the office staff and they will provide you with forms for your parents and a doctor or pharmacist to fill out. Staff are unable to issue any medication unless these forms have been completed (including paracetamol and anti-histamine).

Note for Parents/Carers; The office staff are able to access emergency numbers to contact parents/carers.  Please ensure these are kept updated if there are any changes.

What if I lose something?

If you lose something, please see your Core teacher.  It helps if you make sure everything you bring to school is clearly named.  A lost property basket is located at the office.

Note for Parents/Carers; Students are responsible for their own valuables – there is no insurance coverage to replace items.

When is the Library open?

The Library will be open at some break times for quiet reading or study.  Eating or drinking is not permitted in this area at any time.

Note for Parents/Carers; Students are encouraged to be active borrowers from the School Library.  If students mislay their books, please let the school office know.  Students will be issued with an account for lost books for which they are responsible.

What do I do if I need to leave our school grounds?

You are not allowed to leave our school grounds during any part of our school day unless you have a legitimate reason and a note signed by a parent/carer.  If you do have to leave school for any reason you need to:

1. Show your note to your Core teacher. He/she will sign your note.
2. Show the signed note to your class teacher.
3. Show the note to the office staff and sign the ‘Sign Out Book’ at the main office.
4. Collect a form from the main office when you arrive back at school, return to class and show the form to your class teacher.

*** Please note that you will not be allowed to leave our school at lunchtime or recess to go to the shop or to go anywhere other than home for lunch.

If you wish to go home for lunch often, you will be given a lunch pass by our Assistant Principal.

Note for Parents/Carers; It is important that students have a note if they need to leave the school grounds for any reason.  Students are unable to be picked up by anybody that is not listed as an emergency contact on their validation form unless authorisation has been received from the student’s parent/carer.

Parents/Carers and Volunteers coming into the school

All visitors to the school are requested to sign in at the main school office and collect a visitors badge or wait at the office for their child.  A Working with Vulnerable People Card may be required.

Phone/Contact Home

If your parent/carer needs to be contacted during school hours because you are ill, your teacher will contact the office who will ring for you. 

Note for Parents/Carers; Students who need to be contacted during school hours from home, can be reached through the school office.  We do not use a public address system but messages are routinely delivered to students shortly before recess, lunch and the end of the day.

What sports can I play?

There are many opportunities to be involved in sport throughout the year. They include mountain biking, netball, football, basketball, soccer, hockey, swimming, athletics and cross country.

Winter sport is played in the winter months for Grade 9/10 Sports Studies students.  Details will be available early in the year.

Our focus on sport is on participation and having fun.

Note for Parents/Carers; If you have any questions regarding sport participation or are able to support the sport program, please contact one of our Health and Physical Education teachers.

What about lunchtime?

Everyone has a lunch break of about 40 minutes.  You may choose to bring a cut lunch to school or order your lunch from our school canteen before school or recess or through the Qkr! App which can be downloaded from the App Store.

Our canteen provides you with an alternative to bringing your lunch from home every day.  It also means that you can buy your lunch without leaving our school grounds.  This is necessary as we cannot supervise students who are out of our school grounds.

Our canteen is open at recess and lunch time every day. Hot and cold food is available at the beginning of lunch time. We encourage healthy eating and our canteen aims to provide nutritious food and snacks.

Note for Parents/Carers;  It is recommended that students order their lunch before school or during recess time to ensure availability.

Is there a Student Council?

The Student Executive Council is made up of elected Grade 10 students.

The SEC:

  • participates in decisions about future plans for our school
  • organises events for students in our school.  These usually include socials, casual clothes days and lunchtime activities
  • raises funds to buy things for our school and for charities
  • allows students to bring forward ideas they have about improving our school
  • has input into School developments

At the end of Grade 9 you may wish to stand for election to our Student Executive Council.

The school also has a Student Representative Council (SRC) made up of students from Grade 7, 8 and 9 who work with Grade 10 SEC members. This group is led by the Grade 10 SEC.

Note for Parents/Carers;  Students are encouraged to pursue leadership roles across a range of areas in the school.

What do I do if I need help?

If you have any problems at all, the first person you should see is your Core teacher.  If you are experiencing a problem in class, always try to discuss it with your class teacher first.  They will be more than pleased to help you.  We also have specialised support people if they are needed. eg. Social Worker, Psychologist, School Nurse and Chaplain.

You can make an appointment directly with any of these people or you can ask a teacher or parent/carer to make an appointment for you.  If a member or members of your family wish to speak with any of these people, we are more than happy to help arrange this.

Note for Parents/Carers;  if you have a concern regarding your child’s progress at school, please contact the relevant class teacher or Core teacher immediately. School Psychologist, Social Worker, School Nurse and the School Chaplain can be contacted through the school office.