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Use of Technology and Personal Devices

Use of Technology and Personal Devices

Students and parents/ carers are required to sign a Technology agreement before students are able to use school technology or their own devices in class as part of their learning. Some details are given below. These are subject to change as review and evaluation occur in the school.

Students are permitted to use personal technology resources (ie. laptops and tablets) during class time for educational purposes only and with teacher permission. Students with teacher permission will be able to connect their devices to the school Wi-Fi. Teachers will determine when the use of technology is appropriate in their classroom.

Students are permitted to use mobile phones during break times for family communication, or personal matters in such a manner as to not create disruption or annoyance to others. Students are not permitted to use mobile phones during class time. If a student needs to be contacted during class time, parents are asked to contact them via our school office on
6362 8900.

If used inappropriately students risk not being able to use their device. This may include leaving it at the main office to be collected after school by themselves or a parent, or not being able to have a personal device at school at all.

Students without personal technology will not be excluded from educational activities. If technology is used as an aid to classroom instruction, students will have access to a supply of devices owned by the school.

The school is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged devices. Students should keep devices such as phones and tablets with them and not leave them in classrooms, bags, tubs etc where they are unattended. An alternative is to leave devices at the main office when they are not being used.